The Urban Wood Network is made up of members from across the United States and beyond. Since the early 2000’s, urban wood professionals have worked to accomplish the mission of urban wood utilization through uniting, promoting, and demonstrating its use before eventually coming together as UWN. Our ever-growing collaborative network of urban wood industry professionals – from Municipalities and Arborists to Sawmills, Suppliers, Manufacturers & Makers, Design Professionals, Consultants, and beyond – allows consistent access to collective experience and connectivity to help the industry thrive.

We are doing more than just saving trees and wood from a waste stream, we are giving them a second life at their highest use by promoting the robust supply chain necessary to get the highest use product from these trees.

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Many urban tree removal practices view felled urban trees as costly waste, but we know this is a resource worth utilizing. When processed, sold, and utilized to its highest value, the U.S. could produce nearly 8 billion board feet of urban-sourced lumber annually, this doesn’t even take into account the urban wood from deconstruction. This viable resource is cushioning local economies, reducing expenses for communities, and providing a sustainable, renewable resource to beautify our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.  But there is so much more we can do.

We’re here to change that

A thriving urban wood market means more holistic management of urban trees, where every part of the tree can be put to its highest and best use, while vastly reducing the waste component of urban wood.  Creating and expanding opportunities for urban trees to achieve their highest and best use, from seed to sawdust, often results in stronger local economies and reduced expenses for communities.

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