About Urban Wood Network

A Common Mission Creating Extraordinary Results

Working to fulfill a mission to inform, collaborate, and connect to build community, business, and consumer confidence in the urban wood industry.

The Urban Wood Network is a collaborative network of urban wood industry professionals and stakeholders (individuals and entities) from across the United States and beyond.

The Urban Wood Network was developed in 2017 to formally unite unique urban wood industry groups and efforts under the common mission of growing professional and consumer confidence in the urban wood industry through information, collaboration, and connection. 

Though urban wood utilization has occurred for decades, and informal networking around utilization has occurred in different areas across the U.S. since the 1990’s, we’ve learned that the only way to truly establish and support full circle urban forestry management is through a unified effort. Since the early 2000’s, the founding groups behind the Urban Wood Network program have worked diligently to unite, promote, and demonstrate urban wood utilization. Now our ever-growing network of urban wood industry professionals (from Municipalities and Arborists to Sawmills, Suppliers, Manufacturers & Makers, Design Professionals, and beyond) and state-specific chapters are provided access to consistent messaging/marketing tools and a useful platform for collective experience, support, and connectivity to help the industry thrive.

Who We Are

  • WE are tree lovers, arborists, sawyers, woodworkers, manufacturers, municipalities, designers, architects, consultants, retailers and beyond that share a passion and an understanding of the urban wood industry.
  • WE Lead the urban wood industry, with membership across all industry sectors at all scales
  • WE represent the established standards, practices and highest quality urban wood products
  • WE establish consistent messaging, terminology and branding
  • WE address environmental crises, promote sustainability, and provide the tools needed to fulfill our mission

Our Origins

  • Emerged in the Midwest in response to the Emerald Ash Borer crisis in the early 2000’s
  • Collaboration of public, private, and state and federal stakeholders
  • Funded by a USDA Forest Service grant and officially established in 2017
  • UWN was created to unite fragmented and siloed efforts and develop a unified, sustainable solution for the urban wood industry
  • Recognized the industry’s massive 8 billion board feet volume, it prioritized the standardization of practices
  • Initially focused on the EAB, expanded
  • In 2019 UWN membership adopts USRW’s membership more than doubling membership

UWN Tenets

  • Urban trees have their highest value while living. When these trees need to be removed, they should be put to their highest and best uses to maximize their economic, environmental, and societal benefits for people in urban areas and beyond.
  • Sustainable recovery and the highest and best use of urban forest products are essential components of sustainable urban forestry management.
  • Increased end user demand for urban forest products is essential to increasing demand all along the urban wood use chain and producing benefits throughout the urban forest sector.
  • The Urban Wood Network will effectively achieve its mission through collaboration and information sharing.
  • The Urban Wood Network is committed to work in partnership with the full diversity of stakeholders that share our vision and mission.

Become a UWN Member

We invite all to become UWN members for a positive impact on communities and the environment, by building awareness and markets.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Simms Acuff
Eutree Inc.

Jennifer Alger
Far West Forest Products & Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Inc.

Jennifer Flynn

Frederik Laleicke
North Carolina State University

Marisa Repka
Cambium Carbon

Jessica Sanders
Sacramento Tree Foundation

Rick Siewert
Wood From The Hood

Danny Torres
Deadwood Revival Design

Scott Ward
Fifth Estate Communications

Advisory Board

Scott Altenhoff
Oregon Department of Forestry

Charlie Becker
US Forest Service

Lance Davisson
The Keystone Concept

Amanda Egan
US Forest Service

Paul Hickman
Urban Ashes

Joe Lehnen
Virginia Dept. of Forestry

John Melvin

Paul Morrison
The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin

Dwayne Sperber

Wudeward Urban Forest Products

Andy Trotter
West Coast Arborists

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