This Idaho Chapter of the Urban Wood Network is home to a collection of established and new entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, and practitioners who are making use of urban wood from community trees felled in Idaho and from deconstructed lumber materials in the region.

Idaho’s Urban Wood Network (Idaho UWN) is led by private companies, public agencies and non-profit organizations who are committed to upcycling trees from within cities and from adjacent forestlands to create a sustainable circular wood economy. 

  • In 2020, the Treasure Valley Urban Wood Network was established to serve communities, companies and organizations within SW Idaho. 
  • In 2021, under the leadership of The Keystone Concept and in collaboration with the National Urban Wood Network, Idaho’s Urban Wood Network was established to grow these opportunities statewide. 
  • These two organizations now join together as Idaho UWN to share branding and marketing opportunities, exchange information on best practices, and participate in educational webinars, workshops, and community engagement. 

The primary goal of Idaho UWN is to promote and develop urban wood use in a way that benefits our members and our regional environment and economy. No matter where you are in the urban wood supply chain (tree care specialist – sawyer – woodworker – architect – municipal manager – urban forester – or anyone else with an interest in local materials) Idaho UWN serves as a resource to connect you to locally sourced materials and practitioners engaged in the collection, distribution, and utilization of urban forestry products. 

We invite you to join Idaho UWN to help us build a successful local marketplace for made in Idaho wood products!


Our Members

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