The Illinois Chapter of the Urban Wood Network brings together local practitioners and community members to establish a collective resource that is beneficial to everyone engaged in the enterprise of urban wood utilization. We invite all urban wood stakeholders, including tree care professionals, sawyers, woodworkers, architects, municipal land managers, and anyone else with an interest in putting felled urban trees to their best possible use to join the Illinois Chapter. As a collective, we seek to develop avenues for urban wood utilization, responsible stewardship, education, community engagement with local resources, and a network that supports innovative artisans and businesses in our local communities.

The Illinois Chapter of the Urban Wood Network (UWN-IL) was launched in January of 2022. Since 2004, businesses, municipal managers, architects, builders, and supporters in Illinois have championed putting urban wood to its highest possible uses. We join together now as UWN-IL to share branding and marketing opportunities, exchange information on best practices, and participate in educational webinars, workshops, and community engagement. Our ultimate goal is to promote urban wood use in a way that benefits our members and society at large. No matter where you are in the urban wood supply chain (tree care specialist – sawyer – woodworker – architect – municipal manager – urban forester – or anyone else with an interest in local materials) UWN-IL serves as a resource to connect you to locally sourced materials and practitioners engaged in the collection, distribution, and utilization of urban forestry products. We invite you to join the Illinois urban wood movement, attend our bi-monthly chapter meetings to learn more, and share your voice and ideas.

This Illinois Chapter of the Urban Wood Network is home to a collection of established and new entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, and practitioners who are making use of urban wood from community trees felled in Illinois and deconstructed lumber.

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