The Nebraska Chapter aims to leverage the power of sustainable, fair, and modern consumption standards to create an industry that is unique to our local economy and landscape.

Like many areas, Nebraska’s urban wood utilization gained momentum with the expansion of the Emerald Ash Borer into the state. We recognized that communities must be able to effectively and sustainably manage the influx of urban wood generated from felled or removed ash trees in addition to other urban trees when they must be removed. During November 2018 Urban Wood Workshops, we heard loud and clear a call for the formation of an urban wood network to foster a statewide vision alongside the national network through which urban wood utilization could be coordinated. The Nebraska Chapter is honored to collaborate alongside dedicated, strategic partners in Nebraska to answer that call and bolster the holistic management of Nebraska’s urban trees, where every part of the tree is put to its highest, best use.

Development of the Urban Wood Network Nebraska Chapter strengthens our ability to connect members throughout the supply chain and make resources for urban wood utilization more readily available to ultimately reduce urban wood waste. We appreciate the opportunity to join the Urban Wood Network where our collective energies can be channeled for even greater, long-lasting impact.

Nebraska is proud to be the American originator of Arbor Day. On April 10, 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted across the state.

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