The Texas Chapter of the Urban Wood Network is focused on providing education, public outreach and localized economic development of the urban wood industry across the Lone Star State. We believe in circular forestry which begins with the care and maintenance of our healthy trees while making the highest and best use of the urban wood at the end of life.

The Texas Chapter of the Urban Wood Network brings together like minded thinkers from local urban wood processors to community leaders and environmentalists.   It is a collective resource that is beneficial to our local economy and all forms of stakeholders from sawmills to architectural firms interested in the amazing benefits of urban wood utilization. We welcome a diverse group of urban wood stakeholders to become members, including tree care professionals, sawyers, woodworkers, architects, municipal land managers, and anyone else with an interest in repurposing our fallen trees. As a non-profit, we seek to expand market opportunities for urban wood utilization, responsible stewardship, education, community engagement with local resources, and a network that supports innovative artisans and businesses in our local communities.   We appreciate the opportunity to create synergy and acknowledge new ideas and partnerships that will only help strengthen urban wood utilization programs across Texas and beyond.

Texas is a unique state in that it suffers from some of the most extreme storms and drought conditions found anywhere in North America.   The State of Texas has lost over 100 Million trees in a single year due to drought alone.   We desperately need more involvement from private land owners (96% of Texas is privately owned), municipalities and State agencies to bring Texas to the forefront of the rapidly growing urban wood movement.  

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