Trees provide their greatest benefits while growing healthy and strong. When they can no longer serve in this way, they continue to provide benefits when converted into wood and long-lived locally produced goods. UWN-Wisconsin members and partners work together to build supply, demand, and markets for urban wood.

The Wisconsin chapter is committed to the social, economic, and ecological benefits of urban trees. Our state’s members work together to reclaim urban trees for their highest and best uses–first for their environmental benefits as living healthy trees, and next for their wood after their growing years are over.  We collaborate to divert quality logs from the chipper and landfill, or from being cut into firewood, and transform them into lumber, furniture, flooring, art, architecture, and other enduring wood goods.

When you purchase products and services from our members, you support Wisconsin’s trees and their woods by making their recovery possible in the first place.

Member Spotlight

Our Members

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Wallace Sawmill, LLC

Urban Evolutions, Inc

Kettle Moraine Hardwoods, Inc

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Waukesha County Green Team

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Lien’s Lumber and Sawmill

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Wisconsin Arborist Association

Tielens Woodwork LLC

The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin

The Urban Craftsman


Creative Log and Lumber

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Wudeward Urban Forest Products

Green Water Designs, LLC

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