Frequently Asked Questions

Urban wood is salvaged from tree removal operations when trees are cut down due to death, disease, development, or other causes. Traditionally, wood from these kinds of practices was treated as waste and, at best, used for mulch or firewood. Members of the Urban Wood Network are trying to see this valuable resource find its highest and best use including as lumber, furniture and other wood products when possible.

Urban wood mostly looks just like any other new lumber. Coming from intact logs saved from the chipper, it is both a reclaimed and brand-new product, all at the same time.

You can find urban wood in any species that grows in local yards and neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for knot-free lumber in popular species like walnut or cherry, or if you are searching for something with tons of character in an unconventional species, members of the Urban Wood Network can help you out.

We are a group of people, organizations, and businesses all working together to find more value in urban trees once they are removed. Our partners work on different projects and/or offer different services, but they all share a common vision for putting dead and dying trees to better use.

Sorry, but no. We aren’t in the logging business, so we don’t purchase timber from the stump. Businesses in the Urban Wood Network act more like recyclers by tracking down and finding uses for unwanted logs.

We are an “organization of organizations” that connects state-based groups around a shared vision. If your state is already represented in our network, please contact your state’s group for information on membership. If your state does not yet have representation, please contact us for information on individual memberships.