Trees First, Wood Next

The process of creating urban wood products is a supply chain just like any other commodity. The links in the chain are clearly defined as the entities and businesses who own or manage the resources, those who process urban wood from the trees to a variety of finished products, and those who specify and manufacture its use as premium end products. The urban wood supply chain is special in that every link can and does work directly with consumers. Come join the movement!

Joining the urban wood movement first means becoming a valuable link in the urban wood supply chain. And second, it means connecting with existing efforts in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, or Wisconsin. The more we position the industry as a cohesive group, the greater awareness we can bring to urban wood utilization and the better access we can provide those who want to build with it.

The Urban Wood Network is committed to work in partnership with the full diversity of industry stakeholders. Click on each link in the supply chain below to see how the benefits of urban wood are being realized by local businesses, economies, and sustainable urban forestry initiatives.

Become A Member

What does membership mean?

Members of the Urban Wood Network share these values:

  • Urban trees have their highest value while living. When these trees need to be removed they should be put to their highest and best uses to maximize their economic, environmental, and societal benefits for people in urban areas and beyond.

  • Sustainable recovery and the highest and best use of urban forest products are essential components of sustainable urban forestry.

  • Increased end user demand for urban forest products is essential to increasing demand all along the wood use chain and producing benefits throughout the urban forest sector.

  • The Urban Wood Network will effectively achieve its mission through collaboration and information sharing.

  • The Urban Wood Network is committed to work in partnership with the full diversity of stakeholders that share our vision and mission.

Why belong?

Members share these benefits:

  • Greater visibility and access to new customer groups and creations
  • Use of the Urban Wood Network logo, marketing materials, and shared branding
  • Recognition of urban wood products and businesses
  • Networking opportunities with similar businesses and organizations
  • Ongoing updates and incentives