Eau Claire, Wisconsin



Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW), the City of Eau Claire (EC), and a focus group sponsored by the EC Chamber of Commerce, crafted a legal “Use Agreement” that serves as the conduit between the city’s logs and WUW’s sawmill and woodworker partners in the area.

In the EC model, WUW members are granted access to the city’s marshalling yard to recover and remove city logs. A WUW member is designated to be the city’s point of contact and this designee serves to gather, sort and deliver wood to other members of the organization for sawing, drying and use in their businesses. “The fact that round wood is taken off site and not processed is instrumental in reducing the city’s milling costs,” says City Forester, Todd Chwala.  The crews are an essential part of this arrangement. Ever-positive, they coordinate with the WUW point person to improve log cuts and sorting, and to help load the logs onto trucks when possible. The WUW-EC Use Agreement reduces disposal costs and the wood finds its way back into the community in beautiful ways (see News).

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