Paul Russell Designs

Western Region

Paul Russell of Paul Russell Designs provides sculptural and functional woodturnings.  All products are made from repurposed logs and burls that would go to waste, burned or chipped.  Recycled and repurposed urban woods used for bowl turning are obtained from neighbors, wood suppliers, construction sites, and municipalities.  Root burls used for vases are gathered regionally from forest service burn piles, various removal services, and wood suppliers.

Paul Russell Designs specializes in sculptural, artistic and functional turnings intended for businesses and individuals. Products include bowls, vases, platters, and boxes made from urban woods.  Paul is an active participant in the woodturning community as a maker, instructor, author and advocate; and a participant in local clubs and national woodturning associations. Paul is active on Instagram as Paul Russell Designs and Barely There Woods with sales of products direct and via ETSY. Resale of repurposed urban wood is also provided.