SEEDS Ecology and Education Centers

Michigan State Chapter | Northeastern Region

SEEDS Ecology and Education Centers is actively working to grow the wood rescue initiative in the Northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan through outreach to a wide audience from policy makers to youth. We engage in network development and systems change work, seeing the value of wood rescue as a valuable point of leverage in the sequestration of carbon. This is part of our greater organic waste diversion work we are doing within a ten-county region. Our work with our green collar career exploration program, EcoCorps, trains youth and adults on the practices of wood rescue from reclamation through product design and development to sales. These same staff work in reforestation efforts across the region. As they participate in our trainings they gain a strong understanding of circular economic principles and systemic thinking.

We are currently seeking further collaborations and partnerships in this effort as we build out a local network and inspire others in communities where we work outside of the ten-county region to follow similar practices. SEEDS consults with the City of Traverse City and is engaged with numerous government bodies through the organic diversion collaborative, as well as provides educational experiences for adult learners through short courses and trainings.

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SEEDS EcoCorps Products with our 2022 Wood Fellow Chad Womack