Tielens Woodwork LLC

Wisconsin State Chapter | Northeastern Region

We are sawyers, wood producers, and furniture makers in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.  We specialize in the milling, drying, and processing of large urban trees into live edge slabs for sale and for use in our custom furniture projects.  We partner with several local arborists and construction companies to acquire logs in a sustainable manner and mill them to give them a second life with a higher purpose than firewood.

If you have a tree that you are having taken down due to disease, damage, proximity to your house, an addition, etc. we offer log removal and have the capability of utilizing your tree to produce heirloom quality pieces of furniture for you and your family.

We have a full workshop of industrial grade woodworking machinery and offer slab flattening, jointing, planing, resawing, and wide belt sanding services.

We have the capability to custom design furniture to your specifications and offer 3d modeling design services.

Please visit our website or give us a call to discuss your project or tree removal.