Timber Ridge Woodworks and Sawmill

Colorado State Chapter |

Timber Ridge Woodworks is a fully turnkey operation located in Reno, NV, in which local urban trees are sourced, milled, kiln dried, and utilized. We hold the upmost respect for the trees which provide our materials, passionately working alongside arborists and developers to keep them out of the waste stream and instead honoring them with a second life. A portable sawmill and dehumification kiln provide us the ability to produce live edge slabs and dimensional lumber. Smaller logs and cutoffs from the milling process are recovered and used for household items such as charcuterie boards, kitchen utensils, and earrings, ensuring every portion of the wood is put to use.

In addition to the mill yard, we operate a small woodshop specializing in tables, cutting boards, and refined furnishings for your residence. At Timber Ridge, we resolutely believe in the importance and uniqueness of items crafted by hand and their ability to bring a tailored aspect to your home. Each piece is individually fashioned to ensure no two will ever be perfectly alike.