Nebraska State Chapter | Western Region

Farmer – Forester couple striving for sustainability on the farm and sharing with others the possibilities. Whenever we can we rescue fallen trees from tree dumps in towns and waste piles and pits around the countryside. Sometimes we actually get a call that a tree will come down and we help the owner utilize the tree. No matter the size, we utilize.

Time is of a premium operating the farm, so helping others with the knowledge that no matter where a trees is growing that’s its best use – vertical, green and growing. However all trees have a natural life span just as we humans do. And all trees may encounter outside events from weather, insects, disease or man’s desire to remove the tree for various reasons that cut the tree’s life short. Whatever the reason, once a tree is horizontal a second life can begin.

Highest and best use for each tree is part of sustainability. It would be great if all trees provided #1 lumber for high grade furniture or construction grade framing timber, but some aren’t big enough and some grew in a unique form that provide character lumber, and the smaller stems/branches can be fuel wood, mulch or biochar.

Would love to build a network of entrepreneurs of rescue personnel and those who can process and build with urban or rural tree ‘waste’.


SAF Certified Forester

Kim has been a forester for 37 years.

Certified Crop Advisor

Gerald is a Sustainability Specialist.