Urban Ashes®

Michigan State Chapter | Northeastern Region

Urban Ashes® operates at both ends of the supply chain, addressing the raw natural resource infrastructure and end markets to establish a circular economy. On the materials and resource side, we specialize in designing, implementing, and managing municipal wood recycling programs. Through our Circular UrbanWood Triconomy™ (CUT Model™), we create systems and networks to optimize the use of fallen urban trees as valuable local resources. This not only reduces disposal costs but also contributes to carbon sequestration.

Our commitment goes beyond environmental impact. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable local businesses and providing career and business opportunities for formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted youth, promoting the creation of safer and healthier communities.

Furthermore, through collaboration with other businesses and organizations, we leverage our extensive 25 years of design and manufacturing experience in sustainable materials and design. This enables us to conduct research, design, develop, and introduce new urban wood products to the market.

By actively engaging in partnerships and collective efforts, our goal is to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, inclusive, and economically diverse future for all.