Urban Evolutions, Inc

Wisconsin State Chapter | Northeastern Region

Working with salvaged materials for the past 25 years, we offer a unique portfolio of reclaimed wood materials. More recently, we began to rescue fallen city trees to create beautiful, live sawn urban wood products. Adding our contemporary deconstruction services as an alternative to demolition completes our full spectrum of sustainable source offering. Our goal is to challenge and support our customers in seeing building materials for what they are…a limited resource. Through the ambitious reuse of materials, we believe we can make an impact on an entire project or, even better, an industry.


Certified Clean Air Gold

A wide variety of our veneer and slat wood wall panels have been independently tested and certified Clean Air Gold for healthy interior performance. Please reach out for project or product specific details.

Declare - Red List Approved

Our prefinished Urban Wood Veneer & Slat Wall Panels in our standard finishes are Red List Approved. View our ingredient disclosures on the Declare database at: https://declare.living-future.org/products/urban-wood-veneer-slat-wall-panels