Urban Tree Merchants

Texas State Chapter | Southeastern Region

Saw Mill | Slabs | Custom Wood Furniture & Decor

Urban Tree Merchants is a sawmill and custom woodworking company owned by Caleb & Kelly Geer. We sell live edge slabs, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber rough sawn, kiln dried, and planed. We also design and build wood furniture and wood decor items such as tables, shelves, mantels, benches, cutting/serving boards, cross-section/wood circle centerpieces, and more. As a Tree to Table company, we walk with our customers through every stage of the design process from milling the log to installing the custom piece.

UTM works with local tree care companies to give the trees removed from the DFW community a second life in a home or business instead of ending up in a landfill. Our services include milling, surfacing, CAD design, welding, finishing, installation, refinishing, and repairs. We produce everything from unfinished slabs to epoxy/resin river tables.


Examples of our finished custom wood furniture and wood decor pieces made from urban sourced lumber.