Wallace Sawmill, LLC

Wisconsin State Chapter | Northeastern Region

Wallace Sawmill, LLC is a small family-run operation in Sullivan, WI that takes great pride in giving new life to trees reclaimed from local homeowners and municipalities so they can be enjoyed by generations to come in the form of aesthetic wood-art pieces or functional pieces such as furniture, millwork, fencing, or trailer decking. The husband and wife team of Wallace Sawmill, LLC works tirelessly bringing in locally-sourced logs, processing them through the mill into dimensional lumber and live-edge slabs, kiln-drying these wood products, and machine-flattening massive slabs using a MB200 Slabmizer so they are ready for your next wood project. Wallace Sawmill, LLC stocks many of the native hardwoods and softwoods found in southeastern Wisconsin. The life story of these trees continues when you visit Wallace Sawmill, LLC and select your lumber or unique live-edge wood piece for your next project.