Wood From the Hood

Northeastern Region

Wood From The Hood was born from a simple idea:

Reclaim discarded trees from the local neighborhoods to create beautiful, high-quality wood products.

The idea came to Cindy and Rick Siewert as they watched an old Ash tree being cut down in the backyard of their Minneapolis home. Losing their neighborhood tree was hard enough, but hauling it to a landfill was not an option. With a family history in the commercial cabinetry business since 1965, the Siewerts knew the life of this tree didn’t have to end because it was being removed.

Currently, most trees in the metro region are sent to landfills, shredded into landscape mulch, or burned. Wood from the Hood is changing that. By reclaiming wood from Twin Cities neighborhoods (like the Ash tree from Rick and Cindy’s yard), these trees are able to live on in the form of sustainable, handcrafted wood products.

With Wood From The Hood, you will find entrepreneurial partners as enthusiastic about your ideas as you are. Conference, dining & communal tables, lumber, slabs, molding, cribbage boards, growth charts, charcuterie boards the list goes on and on. The potential of reclaimed wood is immense and because Wood From The Hood operates out of a state-of-the-art facility, you’ll have the technology coupled with hands-on experience with all types of wood that will shape those ideas into reality.

Using reclaimed urban trees also strengthens communities. Whether it is a communal table at your local coffee shop, a center island in a new house or a cribbage board that friends and family gather around; Wood From The Hood customers take pride in using local, sustainable products that have minimal impact on the environment. They know the wood used came from trees in their community. Each log that comes into the Wood From The Hood shop is marked with the zip code of the neighborhood where the tree once lived. This zip code is kept with the log throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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