“How to Do Urban Wood” Webinar Series

The Urban Wood Network presents the “How to do Urban Wood” webinar series, a series of webinars during which experts in the urban wood field will share how they’ve successfully utilized urban wood.  Urban wood enthusiasts from every link in the urban wood supply chain will gain a better understanding of how others in every link of the supply chain have successfully been involved in utilizing urban through their own ingenuity and through networking with others in the urban wood community.

The Urban Wood Network invites municipalities, arborists, sawyers, woodworkers and all others interested in helping advance the urban wood movement to participate in one or all of these 90-minute webinars.

Webinar #1

Webinar #1: Urban Tree Removals – Reducing Costs and Promoting Utilization

Urban forests can be sustainably managed from ‘seed to sawdust’ by capturing valuable urban forest products from urban trees that need to be removed. This webinar will show different models of full circle urban forest stewardship that are used to reclaim urban forest products from those felled trees, and what strategies have been employed to support the reclamation of those urban forest products.


Webinar #2

Webinar #2: Urban Lumber – How to Produce and Market It

Urban wood is a legitimate source of lumber products.  Lumber made from urban wood has unique and valuable attributes but urban logs can be difficult to process and saw.  This webinar discussed examples of:  log sources, sawing methods for producing urban lumber, lumber drying techniques and marketing strategies.


Webinar #3

Webinar #3: Producing Urban Wood Products – What, How and Where

Consumers from all over the country are jumping on the tree to table movement and are buying urban wood products in all shapes and sizes – from cutting boards to fine furniture to architectural pieces.  This webinar will discuss a wide range of urban wood products and their demand from across the country.


Webinar #4

Webinar #4: Starting a State Urban Wood Network

The Urban Wood Network was founded in 2017 by individuals and entities who have been dedicated to building the urban wood industry since the early 2000s. We’ve learned that the only way to have a substantial impact on full circle urban forestry management is to work cooperatively from arborist to value-added manufacturer at a local level. A cohesive supply chain is necessary to get the highest value from urban trees.  The UWN will share its collective experiences to assist businesses and others to join the urban wood movement. This webinar will give an overview of the industry, active networks, potential funding options, organizational structures, and guidance on how to start a state network.



The Urban Wood Network is funded in part by the USDA Forest Service, State & Private Forestry, Cooperative Forestry, and the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory.  The Urban Wood Network provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.