The Urban Wood Network’s Webinar Series

The Urban Wood Network’s 2020 Fall Webinar Series

Making the Most of Campus Resources – Trees First, Wood Next and Learning Along the Way”

The Urban Wood Network invites colleges and universities, campus land managers, arborists, instructors, and students; as well as municipalities, arborists, sawyers, woodworkers, architects, advocates and all others interested in advancing the urban wood movement to join the webinar.

Join us each month this fall for a UWN Webinar

September: Making the Most of Campus Resources – Trees First, Wood Next and Learning Along the Way
September 15th 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CST

Michigan State University’s (MSU) urban wood utilization program engages urban forestry students, university staff, and local makers in using removed campus trees to produce urban wood products that are bought by customers from across the globe.  MSU students gain hands-on experiences while learning why trees are removed, how to process wood for maximum value, determining the best use of lumber, and how to market urban wood products.  Proceeds from sales help plant new trees throughout campus, completing the urban forestry cycle.  MSU’s commitment to effective urban forest management earned it recognition as a 2019 Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation.  Since 2008, the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Campus Higher Education program has celebrated colleges and universities that establish and sustain healthy community forests and has grown to include eight campuses in Michigan and over 400 around the US.  Join the Urban Wood Network in a virtual tour of MSU’s program, learn how students are engaged through curriculum, and how Arbor Day Foundation programs can help your local campus.


October:  The Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast
The UWN is partnering with the International Woodworking Fair to present a free educational webinar. The Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast will be available for viewing through IWFConnect October 26th – 30th.

The urban wood movement continues to grow as more and more companies throughout the United States and Canada join in the effort to convert felled municipal trees into lumber, furniture, cabinets and other value-added wood products. Much has happened since IWF hosted the first urban wood seminar in 2016 and again in 2018. The Urban Wood Network (UWN) has emerged as a national association for companies spanning the supply chain including arborists, sawyers, woodworkers and other stakeholders. In addition to its U.S. base, UWN members are located in Canada and other countries. The UWN is dedicated to advancing the expansion of the urban wood movement. This includes working to develop local networks and to provide information and guidance to its members in order to promote the highest use of urban wood. Join us for this unique free webinar to learn how your company can benefit by joining the urban wood movement. Hear from a panel of experts and get answers to your questions about how to start or grow sales related to urban wood products.

Moderator: Rich Christianson, Editor & Publisher, Illinois Urban Wood


November:  National Urban Wood Academy 2020
November 20th  10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST

The UWN is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Urban Wood Academy, and Dovetail Partners to host the first ever national Urban Wood Network event on November 20, 2020 in conjunction with the Partners in Community Forestry Virtual Experience. This 3-hour event will feature experts from each link in the urban wood supply chain who will share how stories from across the county of how municipalities and businesses have overcome barriers to build successful urban wood programs and industry in local markets. Municipalities, arborists, sawyers, wood workers, retailers, advocates and agencies are invited to participate in this virtual event and to join together under a united voice to advance the urban wood movement.


December: Helping Municipalities Develop Urban Wood Management Programs
December 15th  12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CST

The Virginia Department of Forestry is leading the way in developing statewide guidance for municipal urban wood best practices and incorporating them into the full circle management of the urban forest. Learn about Virginia’s commitment to support an urban wood program on every level – from local arborists and makers to the municipalities that provide them wood.


“The Urban Wood Network: Future Visioning” Webinar Series

The Urban Wood Network kicks off its 2020 webinar series with The Urban Wood Network: Future Visioning.”  The Urban Wood Network invites municipalities, arborists, sawyers, woodworkers, advocates and all others interested in advancing the urban wood movement to participate in one or all of these 75-minute webinars.

Webinar #1: The Urban Wood Network: Future Visioning

Webinar #2: Urban Lumber Standards

Webinar #3: Urban Lumber Business

Webinar #4: What to do with the rest of the Tree(s)

Webinar #5: Forming a State Organization: Nebraska Urban Wood

“Urban Wood Toolkit” Webinar Series

The Urban Wood Toolkit is a planning guide that walks users through the process of building an urban wood use plan.  The Urban Wood Network presents these webinars to dive into the Urban Wood Toolkit. Presenters share their experiences in developing and expanding wood utilization efforts in their communities.

Webinar #1:  Start with a Plan – A Guide to Creating an Urban Wood Utilization Plan

Webinar #2: From Leaders to Neighbors – Gaining Support for Urban Wood


“How to Do Urban Wood” Webinar Series

The Urban Wood Network presents the “How to do Urban Wood” webinar series, a series of webinars during which experts in the urban wood field will share how they’ve successfully utilized urban wood.  Urban wood enthusiasts from every link in the urban wood supply chain will gain a better understanding of how others in every link of the supply chain have successfully been involved in utilizing urban through their own ingenuity and through networking with others in the urban wood community.

Webinar #1: Urban Tree Removals – Reducing Costs and Promoting Utilization

Webinar #2: Urban Lumber – How to Produce and Market It

Webinar #3: Producing Urban Wood Products – What, How and Where

Webinar #4: Starting a State Urban Wood Network


The Urban Wood Network is made up of individual and organizational efforts in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin, working in cooperation to connect and enhance the full circle of sustainable urban forestry. The Urban Wood Network is funded in part by the USDA Forest Service.  This website was created as part of the grant project, Bringing Urban Forestry Full Circle: Localized Approaches for Capturing Value and Enhancing Public Benefits from Urban Forests, funded by the U.S. Forest Service. The Urban Wood Network provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.