Urban Wood Sawyers and Kiln Operator Webinar

Tools for Urban Wood Producers

The Urban Wood Network invites urban wood sawyers, kiln operators and others to join UWN members Cambium Carbon and Deadwood Revival Design in learning about new tools available for urban wood businesses. This webinar is offered free of charge.
September 28, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CT

Registration Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fYnS_XTFQP2ecQzj890P1Q

Inventory Management
Cambium Carbon is excited to announce the launch of Traece, an inventory management software specifically for urban millers. Expanding upon the former Lumber Tracker platform, Traece reimagines what is possible when it comes to tracking and selling your wood. With Traece, you can:m
● Track your inventory of slabs & lumber, from source tree through milling & drying
● Integrate with your existing website – enabling rapid online sales
● Quickly search & export requested photos, prices, and product information to send to a client
● Automatically generate price and board foot estimates for new entries
● Sell your wood through Cambium Carbon’s dedicated purchasing team
● See our (ever-growing) list of features here!

Traece is used by Urban Wood Network members including Hoppe Tree Service, Deadwood Revival Design, and West Coast Arborists.

Urban Lumber Drying
Properly dried wood is a foundational aspect of any urban wood business. Careful drying is an essential component in the processing of urban wood. It is critical to various quality characteristics of the final product and a major decisive factor in what the final product may be. Drying behavior is defined by various process parameters that differ between wood from rural forests and urban environments. Species, dimensions, and available quantities are some of the major differences.
Deadwood Revival Design, North Carolina State University Wood Products Extension, and the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo have partnered under a CalFire Community and Urban Forestry grant to conduct a series of Urban Wood Drying workshops over the next three years. This webinar will introduce the curriculum and provide a preview of the upcoming workshops.

We recognize that urban wood is often not utilized to its optimal value. Education and training are key strategies to make better use of urban wood resources and foster sustainable management practices.